Power Window Dimensions

One of the reasons why power windows are very popular is they give the driver control when it comes to lowering and raising windows. Some of these devices also let the driver control the other windows too. Power window sizes vary, with some weighing 10 to 13 lbs. There are also some that weigh 18 lbs or more.


Aside from controlling the windows, the controls come with a reversible motor and breakers for all the window circuits. If an electrical failure disables one of the windows, the backup system will allow the other windows to keep running.

Fixing Power Windows

If your power windows won’t work for some reason, try the following troubleshooting tips.

Step 1

Turn on the ignition but don’t start your engine. Run the windows from the master control switch. If they don’t run, examine the fuse of the power window circuitry. Proceed to the next step if one of the windows isn’t working.

Step 2

Use a test light to examine the main circuit relay (you can use this method regardless of the power window size). There is a short at the wire if you see voltage emanating from the relay. The short is at the wire providing power to the switches.

If there isn’t any voltage, ensure the voltage is getting to the relay. If it does, replace it. If it doesn’t there is a short or open fuse between the main fuse and relay.

Step 3

Look at the breaker or circuit fuse at the non-working window. Press the switch. If the window doesn’t run but you hear a humming sound, it means the motor or gearbox is broken. In this case, remove the trim panel. Look for voltage in the motor as you press the switch. No voltage means there is a short fuse.

If the circuit has a relay, examine the voltage coming from it. If the voltage isn’t getting to the motor, remove the window from the regulator. Check the mechanism. Make certain there is nothing restricting the mechanism. Check all the parts and components. Look at the gearbox in particular. Replace it if required.

Tip: use the service manual wiring diagram with your car. This will make it easier to see which parts are connected.

Whatever the power window size you have, make sure you have an understanding of electrical wires before trying to troubleshoot the system. If you are unsure, get help from a professional.

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