Sizes of Bathroom Mats

More than enhancing the interiors of your bathroom, bath mats provide a non-slip surface where bathroom users can step on after stepping out from the shower or while taking a shower, depending on the type of bathroom mat you will be getting.

These bathroom mats are especially important for keeping children from slipping in the bathroom.

Sizes of Bathroom Mats

There are various sizes of bathroom mats that you can choose from. Whether you will be getting a bathroom mat for the shower or for the bathroom floor, you will find that there are sizes of bathroom mats that will be suitable for the shower, tub and bathroom floor.

Tub and Shower Bathroom Mats

These types of bath mats are usually made from rubber materials and have suction pads to prevent it from moving around as you use the shower or tub.

The suction pads ensure that the mat will stay in place even when wet and this is especially helpful when you are giving your kids a bath or they are taking a bath by themselves.

Sizes of bathroom mats for the shower or tub usually start at 20.5 by 20.5 inches or 52 by 52 centimeters, giving you a square-shaped bath mat.

You can also find longer bath mats to provide you with more non-slip surface while in the tub or under the shower.

Dimensions for these mats are generally around 74 centimeters long by 34 centimeters wide or roughly about 29.13 inches in length by 13.39 inches in width.

To make bath time more enjoyable for the kids, there are bath mats that are shaped like a fish. These measure around 30 inches long by 7 inches wide.

Bathroom Floor Mats

Sizes of bathroom mats for your bathroom floor are generally around the same measurements as those of the rubber tub or shower mats. These sizes measure approximately 20 inches in width by32 inches in length or around 50 centimeters wide by 80 centimeters long.

There are likewise longer and wider bathroom floor mats and these measure approximately 60 centimeters in width by 90 centimeters in length or roughly about 24 inches wide by 35.43 inches long.

If you wish to have a circular bathroom mat, you can find sizes of bathroom mats in this shape to have a diameter of about 65 centimeters or around 26 inches.

Other sizes also include 48 centimeters in width by 70 centimeters in length or around 19 inches wide by 28 inches long.

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