Size of DVD Player

DVD players nowadays come in several different styles and models; with each one coming with their distinct features. These also now come in several sizes which means that gone are the bulky DVD players of long ago.

Basically, the size of DVD player models that you can find today depend on whether you want something that is highly portable which enables you to easily take this along with you wherever you go or whether you want a player that you will simply include in your home entertainment system.

Size of DVD Player

For those who want to take their DVD players along with them whenever they travel or have these installed in the car, there are portable players that you can find readily available in the market.

These come from various manufacturers, most of which are the leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment systems.

Portable DVD Players

The size of DVD player that is of a portable design is generally around 9.5 inches in height by 7.2 inches in width by 2.1 inches in depth.

This portable type is one that you flip open to reveal the control panel on the bottom part of the player and the screen on the top part.

Basically, this opens like a small laptop so when you need to take this with you outside the house, you simply fold it to close and then stuff it in your bag.

There is another type of portable DVD player which is the tablet type. The size of DVD player that is of the tablet model is approximately 9 inches in height by 7.8 inches in width by 4.9 inches in depth.

This type does not fold to close which means that you may need to get a special protective case for it when taking it with you when you go out of the house.

Regular DVD Players

Truth be told, there is nothing regular about DVD players nowadays except that these models are called “regulars” only because they are somewhat of the same look as the first DVD players.

These types of DVD players are what you can usually find stored under the TV stand and attached to home entertainment systems. The size of DVD player for this type is typically around 12 inches in depth by 2.75 inches in height by 16.5 inches in width.

Now, if you still have some of those precious VHS tapes that you want to watch again, there are DVD players that come installed with a VCR player as well.

The size of DVD player that comes with a VCR player is approximately 10.55 inches in depth by 3.92 inches in height by 17.13 inches in width.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that whether you are looking for a nice and portable DVD player or one that look like your regular DVD players; there are sizes that will fit your specifications.

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