A4 Paper Ream Size

A4 paper size is commonly used in offices for document printing, business proposals and letters as well as for school projects and assignments. It is considered as the standard paper size in most countries around the world.

Offices usually buy their paper stocks by the ream so they’ll have plenty on hand for all printing needs. Before we get into A4 paper ream size, what is ream?

Paper Ream

Paper ream is used to measure the number of paper sheets per package. One ream generally contains five hundred sheets of paper of similar sizes and type.

An A4 paper ream size therefore contains five hundred sheets of paper of the A4 size which is roughly about 210 millimeters in width by 297 millimeters in length.

In inches, A4 size is approximately 8.3 inches in width by 11.7 inches in length.

While the standard number of sheets per ream today is five hundred, there are paper suppliers who still use the old quantity of 480 sheets per ream. To avoid confusion, the 500-sheet ream is also called long ream while the 480-sheet ream is called short ream.

When purchasing paper reams, it is best to look at the label to see if indicates long ream or short ream so you will have an idea of how many sheets there are per ream.

Paper Quire

With an A4 paper ream size, the number of quires per ream is usually twenty quires consisting of twenty-five sheets per quire.

Quire is the number of paper sheets per sheaf where twenty-five sheets per quire is now considered as the standard number – if you take into consideration the 500-sheet per ream factor.

In the olden days, quires consist of twenty-four sheets per quire hence; the 480-sheet per ream old standard.

Paper Bale

For large-scale printing, paper bales are purchased instead of on a per ream basis. One bale contains ten reams of paper sheets or two hundred quires to give you five thousand sheets of paper per bale.

Again, it is important to note whether the ream is labeled as short ream or long ream as you will have less than five thousand sheets if it is thus labeled as short ream. In large-scale printing, paper shortage can affect the whole printing process and delay work progress.

If you’re only looking for reams, most office supplies shops and retail stores carry paper quantities by the ream. For bulk and large orders, you should go directly to paper manufacturers or suppliers.

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