Square Miles of Ohio

The square miles of Ohio total 41,330. This is the 34th biggest among all the states in America. The state is 230 miles wide and 205 miles long. The population has been estimated to be 11,102,000. It is the seventh most populated in the United States.

General Information

Its state capital is Columbus. It was named after the explorer Christopher Columbus. Other major cities in the state are Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Akron. It was admitted into the Union on March 1, 1803 as the 17th state.

The name is derived from the Indian word “oheo” which means “beautiful”. Its moniker is the Buckeye State. Ohio is bordered by Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


The state tree is the buckeye. The cardinal is the state bird. Its motto is “With God, All Things are Possible”. The official state animal is the White Tail Deer. The Ladybug is the state insect. The state wildflower is trillium. “Beautiful Ohio” is the state song. The flint is the state stone.

Geographical Facts

Aside from the square miles of Ohio, there are other interesting facts about the state. It has 88 counties. The biggest is Ashtabula which measures 711 square miles. Lake County is the smallest at 232 square miles.

The highest point is Campbell Hill. It is 1,549 ft over sea level. It is in Logan County. The Ohio River is the lowest point. Located in Hamilton County close to Cincinnati, it is 455 feet above sea level.

Industries and Economy

There are several industries in the state. The major ones are involved in electrical equipment, automotive parts, glass, steel and iron. Agriculture is also important. Some of the products it produces include pork, corn, sheep farming and dairy products. Some of the natural resources of Ohio are stone, clay, gas, oil and coal.

Historical Highlights

The state was explored by the British and French around the late 1600s. Ohio would become British territory in the year 1763. It would become a vital route for the railroad and the steamboats. Since then the state has produced some very famous personalities.

The list includes Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, General George Armstrong Custer and Thomas Edison. Several US Presidents came from Ohio including Ulysses S. Grant, Warren G. Harding and Benjamin Harrison.

The square miles of Ohio have given it a diverse landscape. Numerous archaeological discoveries have also been made, including the Seneca Caverns in 1872.

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