Baby Head Sizes for Hats

More than being fashion accessories, hats protect our heads from the heat of the sun in the summer and from the chill of the cold weather in winter. Just as adults wear hats for protection, babies too, need to wear one for protection.

Baby hats come in cute and colorful designs to make them more appealing to babies – one more fun and playful thing for them to put on. The hats also come in several sizes.

Buying Baby Hats

Before you buy your baby a hat, it is important that you know the measurements of your baby’s head and the sizes that the hats come in so you can choose accordingly.

Bear in mind that the hat size guides that you may find on the internet are meant only as a reference and not as a strict standard that you should follow.

Babies’ heads develop at different rates so it’s still best to take your baby’s head measurements so you can get a hat that’s not too tight-fitting or too loose for the baby.

Taking Head Measurements

To take your baby’s head measurement; wrap a soft measuring tape around your baby’s head, placing it directly above the eyebrows. Place your index finger between the baby’s head and the tape measure so you have a bit of an allowance for the hat size.

This way, your baby can make use of the hat for a longer period. Be careful though that you do not get one that is too loose so the hat won’t fall off your baby’s head as the baby moves about.

Baby Head Sizes for Hats

Now you’ve taken your baby’s head measurements, it’s time to compare the value with hat sizes. Size guides for baby’s hats include the approximate head circumference of the baby so you can get one that is closest to your baby’s measurement.

If choosing between sizes, get the bigger one as the smaller size nearest the baby’s head size will be uncomfortable for the baby – plus you may have to get a new one in a few weeks’ time as it could prove to be already too small for your baby.

Below is an example of a guide for baby head sizes for hats:

Hat Size: 0-3 Months – head size in circumference: 14 to 15 in.

Hat Size: 3 to 6 Months – head size in circumference: 15 to 17 in.

Hat Size: 6 to 12 Months – head size in circumference: 17 to 18.5 in.

Hat Size: 12 to 24 Months – head size in circumference: 19.5 to 20.75 in.

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