Beer Keg Sizes Gallons

Beer keg sizes gallons can be confusing for a first time buyer. The reason is due to the different specifications used. The following will shed light on some of these measurements.

Kegs, Barrels and Gallons Compared

15.5 gallons is equal to a full keg. It is known as a half barrel. The quarter barrel is equal to 7.75 U.S. gallons. A keg is not as big as a barrel. In fact it is smaller by thirty gallons.

The majority of US brewers sell their kegs in 14 to 16 gallons. This is equal to half barrels. You will also find 1/4 barrels (8 gallons). 1/6 barrels are equal to 6 gallons.

The majority of keg dimensions in the US are not standardized. This means that kegs cannot be used as a means for measuring liquid volume. The size standard differs among countries. Even in the same country, the measurements differ from brewery to brewery. The expressions quarter-barrel and half-barrel are used because American beer barrels are equal to 31 US gallons.

Other Sizes

Beer keg sizes gallons are available in other combinations. 1.32 US gallon is equal to 5 liters. It can serve fourteen 12 fl oz drinks. It is also known as mini keg / bubba (single-use/recyclable. The 5 US gallons is equal to 18.9 liters. It can serve fifty three 12 fl oz drinks. It is also called home brew, corny keg and soda syrup. 5.2 US gallons are the same as 19.8 liters. It can serve 56 12 fl oz drinks. This is also called the sixth barrel / torpedo keg.

6.6 US gallons are the same as 25 liters. It is called the European half barrel. 7.75 US gallons are the same as 29.3 liters. It is known as pony keg/quarter barrel. 9.2 US gallons are equal to 35.15 liters. It is called wall (“99 bottles of beer”).

13.2 US gallons are equivalent to 50 liters. It is called import keg (standard European “Barrel”). 15.5 US gallons are the same as 58.66 liters. It is known as half barrel / full keg.

Information about U.S. 1/2 Barrel Keg

These are usually 23.3 inches high and 16.1–17.15627 inches in diameter. The contents are 15.5 U.S. gallons / 58.7 liters / 12.91 imp. gallons.

A full keg weight is 160.5 pounds (72.8 kg). Those studying beer keg sizes gallons should also remember that a US half barrel keg is 29.7 pounds (13.5 kg) heavy when empty.

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