How Small is an Espresso Shot?

A single espresso shot size is equal to 1 US fluid ounce. The double shot is equal to 2 US fluid ounces. The triple shot is equal to 3 fl oz. In ml, they are 30, 60 and 90 ml respectively.

More Information about the Sizes

The figures given above are for the standard shots. The single shot uses 7–8 grams of ground coffee. The double uses 14–16 grams and the triple 21-24 grams. Properly size baskets are utilized for each shot.

In Italy, the double is known as doppio. Triplo is sometimes used for both triples and singles. The standard espresso shot size is the single. This is the quickest size that can be obtained from a lever device. But the most popular is the double.

Espresso Drinks and Sizes

With most milk-based drinks, you will see the beverage advertised as 3 or 4 shots. But this does not mean that it is a quadruple or triple shot. Usually, the double is used for the drinks. In the triple, one and half shots are used. For the quad, the two shots are utilized.

Length of Shots

Sizes can be lungo (long), normale/standard (normal) or ristretto (restricted). These match with a bigger or smaller drink with similar extraction levels and ground coffee. It should be noted that the proportions are not the same.

The crema (foam) volume also makes it hard to make accurate comparisons. Roughly however, 1:3–4, 1:2 and 1:1 are equal to lungo, normale and ristretto. These are equal to 3–4, 2 and 1 US fl oz. They are the same as 90–120, 60 and 30 ml. These are for the double shot.

The names lungo, normale and ristretto do not just apply to similar shots with just varying lengths. The coffee grind itself is modified. There is also a bigger size than lungo. It is called caffe crema. The size is about 4–8 US fl oz (120–240 ml). However, this size is not used that often.

Other Information

Espresso is a beverage made by boiling water using ground coffee. It is known for its consistency which is very thick. The suspended solids are concentrated and there is foam. This is used as base for cappuccino, lattes mochas and other drinks.

When studying espresso shot size, you might get confused because some people use the term expresso. Expresso is an incorrect term used for espresso. Although wrong, it is frequently used.

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