What is the Size of a Digital Water Timer?

Whether you’re going away on vacation or you simply want to find a better way of keeping your lawn healthy without you having to manually water it with a garden hose every so often, a digital water timer is what you need.

This helpful gadget will do away with you having to get up in the morning to water down your lawn before breakfast and rushing off to work as it will automatically turn on the water supply and sprinkle your lawn any time of the day and night.

What is the Size of a Digital Water Timer?

A digital water timer is actually not that big. As a matter of fact, it is such a small gadget that you will hardly notice it’s even there. Compact in size but a very handy tool, this is one of most important essentials in households with gardens or manicured lawns.

Among the sizes that you will find in the market today is a model that is considered as one of the smaller digital water timer units. It comes in these specifications: 4 inches in width by 4 inches in height by about 2.5 inches in depth.

This square-shaped water timer usually comes with just one control knob where you can set the time for when the water supply for your garden will be turned on as well as for how long the lawn will be watered down.

Another size option for your digital water timer has a slightly higher value in length and depth; measuring approximately 6.5 inches in height by 4 inches in width by 5.25 inches in depth.

You can also find this gardening gadget in dimensions of 4.63 inches in width by 3.13 inches in depth by 4.63 inches in height.

From all the above-given sample specifications, you will notice that there is not a huge difference between sizes. Your consideration for choosing a specific digital water timer should therefore lie more on the features of each unit instead of its size.

Digital Water Timer: Features

This gadget comes in a variety of features which are basically included based on the manufacturer’s design. One of the features that you may want to check out is the duration of the run-time of a specific model.

There are water timers that can run only up to two hours at a time while others can run for up to four hours per cycle. You should also check for the number of cycles the water timer can do per day.

There are units that run only two cycles per day while others can run up to six cycles per day – sometimes even more. Also, most digital water timers run on batteries and battery sizes may vary depending on the requirement of each unit.

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