Scrables Board Sizes


The standard Scrabbles board size is 15 x 15 grid or 225 squares. There are many variants however. For example, the Super Scrabbles is a 21 x 21 grid or 441 squares. 

How the Game is Played 

Although there are some variations, the basic process is still the same. Place the lettered tiles facing down on the lid of the box. Shuffle these. Take seven tiles and put them in your rack. Combine at least two letters to create a word. Start the word on the red star square.
Now add the score for that particular word. This can vary depending on the Scrabbles board size and rules. Now draw tiles based on the same number you got. Place these on your tiles. Now alternate creating the words. 
Keep in mind that diagonal words are not allowed. The new words should use a letter that is on the board. You must also not use words that need a hyphen or apostrophe. Abbreviations cannot be used either. 
The winner is the player with the highest score after every tile has been used. If there are tiles remaining you can’t put on the board, deduct the value of each tile from the score. 

Historical Background 

The Scrabbles board size and rules emerged in 1938 courtesy of Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect. He based it on a game called Lexiko. He called the game Criss-Crosswords. 
The game had the 15 x 15 board and was played like a crossword. However, he could not get any game board manufacturers to make the game. In 1948, James Brunot purchased the rights to make the game. 
In exchange, Brunot would get royalty for every game sold. Brunot made some slight changes to the game. He also changed the name from Criss-Crosswords to Scrabble. 
Exactly when Scrabble got its big break is unclear. One account says that Jack Strauss, then Macy’s president, played the game during a vacation. He enjoyed it so much but was surprised to learn his store didn’t have it. Strauss ordered several copies and it became a hit. That same year, Brunot sold the rights to Selchow and Righter. 
Eventually, the game went to Hasbro and the name Scrabble is registered to it. Today, one out of every three homes in the US has a Scrabble board. 
In spite of the appearance of other games, Scrabble continues to be very popular. Various innovations have appeared so more Scrabbles board sizes may come out. 

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