Full Size Snooker Tables


Snooker is a type of table game where, much like billiards or pool, a cue stick and a set of balls are used. The rules however, and the color of the balls differ from that of billiards.

The table used is similar to a regular pocket billiards table, only a snooker table has cushions that are narrower and they arch smoothly in the pocket holes. There are several sizes for a snooker table, with full size snooker tables measuring approximately 12 feet by 6 feet or about 3.7 meters by 1.8 meters.

A smaller snooker table measures approximately 5 feet by 10 feet. 

If you are using the full size table, you have a playing area of about 11’ feet and 8.5 inches by 5 feet and 10 inches. As for the table height, measuring from the floor up to the top of the rail, it stands about 34 inches.

Starting the Game

To play the game you will need a snooker table, snooker balls, a cue ball and a cue stick. You will need fifteen red balls and six balls of other colors: yellow, green, blue, brown, black and pink.

All of the balls have a designated number of points. The red balls are worth one point each; the yellow ball is worth two points; green is worth three points; brown is worth four points; blue is equivalent to five points; pink has six points and black is worth seven points.

You will also need two players to start the game. 

How the Game is Played

The balls are arranged according to standard rules where the fifteen red balls are placed at one end of the table. Close to the tip of the pyramid of red balls, you will place the pink ball; behind the pyramid is the black ball. 

In the middle of the table is the blue ball and right near the edge of the other end of the table are the yellow, brown and green balls. 

To start the game, the players draw lots or use other means to determine who gets to go first. The first player hits the cue ball and the aim is to at least hit any of the red balls, pocketing a red ball is not necessary on the first hit.

If a red ball is not hit, this is called a foul. During a foul, the other player can choose to either take over the table and strike or to ask the offender to break once more. 

The game ends when all the balls have been pocketed or potted.

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