Frisbee Sizes


The Frisbee sizes range from 8 to 10 inches in diameter (about 20 to 25 cm). However, other manufacturers use other sizes for their flying discs. 


These are disc shaped gliders and come with a lip. The disc’s shape permits it to fly by producing lift as it goes through the air. The word Frisbee is actually a trademark name registered to the Wham-O company. However, the word is now used for all flying discs. The disc is thrown and caught. However, this basic game has numerous variants. 

Types of Frisbees

Aside from the different Frisbee sizes, various kinds of flying discs are available. The disc golf discs are not as large as the regular Frisbee. However they are denser and suited for specific flight profiles to boost the distance. 

For disc dog sports, slower discs are utilized. These discs are also made from flexible material so it won’t get damaged when bitten by the dog. The material is designed also not injure the dog. 

For farther reaching discs, the flying rings are used. There are also some illumined discs so they can be used at night. These types of Frisbees use phosphorescent plastic. Other models use batteries that produce diodes. These come in different Frisbee sizes. Other discs produce sounds when they fly into the air. 


In 1938, Walter Morrison and his future wife Lucile were tossing a cake pan back and forth on the beach. Someone approached them and offered to pay 5 cents for the pan. Morison realized that people were going to pay money for a disc-like toy, so he decided to make one. 

After serving in the army during World War II, Morrison improved on the flying disc and called it the Whirlo-Way. It was in 1948 when Morrison started producing the flying discs. They called it the flying saucer to capitalize on the UFO sightings that were taking place. 

In 1957, Morrison sold the right to Wham-O. Wham-O renamed it as the Frisbee in 1958. It was Ed Headrick who redesigned the Frisbee. He reshaped the top and adjusted the thickness and the rim. This made the disc easier to control. 

Headrick would go on to set up the International Frisbee Association (IFA). He helped developed the standards for using Frisbees in sports. 

Today there are many Frisbee sizes available. The Frisbee is played in many parts of the world and has even become a sport. 

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