Piano Dimensions

It’s easy to learn the different piano dimensions if you know that there are Pianoactually two categories – the vertical pianos and the horizontal types – of pianos being sold.

From these two main categories, there are certain types of pianos with different piano dimensions that you would probably be happy to learn more about if you’re looking for a certain type to bring home.

Here are the categories and the different types that belong to them:

The Vertical Pianos

Vertical pianos have four types: The spinet, console, studio and upright types. Each type has its own measurements. But, typically, vertical pianos have a height of about thirty six (36) to sixty (60) inches.

First Type: The Spinet

The spinets are actually the smallest-sized pianos that you can buy in various stores. It is about 58 inches wide and 36 to 38 inches tall. Since these are small, these can be perfect for residential units with limited spaces.

Second Type: The Console

This type is a bit bigger than the first type – with dimensions of around 40 to 43 for its height and 58 inches for its width, all measured in inches.

Third Type: The Studio

The studio pianos do not only offer you great quality but also durability as well. Its measurements are around forty five (45) to forty eight (48) inches by fifty eight (58) – for its height and width, approximately.

Fourth Type: The Upright

If the spinet is considered as the smallest in the vertical piano category, the upright pianos are said to have a height that is higher than the rest. Its height is around fifty to sixty inches, and its width is about fifty eight inches. Aside from being tall, this can also be one of those pianos that can stand the test of time.

The Horizontal Pianos

Horizontal pianos, on the other hand, have six types. These are also called as grand pianos.

The First Type: The Petite Grand

These types have sizes of about four feet and five inches to about four feet and ten inches. The petite grand are the smallest horizontal pianos around.

The Second Type: The Baby Grand

These types usually are very appealing and affordable. Approximate sizes are about four feet and eleven inches to about five feet and six inches.

The Third Type: The Medium Grand

The medium grand pianos are built larger than the second type of horizontal pianos. Its measurements are about five feet and seven inches.

The Fourth Type: The Parlor Grand

Ranging from about five feet and nine inches to six feet and one inch, the parlor grand types look very solid and appealing. It is also referred at times as the living room grand pianos.

The Fifth Type: The Semiconcert Pianos

These are also known as the ballroom pianos. The size of these pianos is about seven feet long.

The Sixth Type: The Concert Grand

This type is the largest – with its size about nine feet.

With all these piano dimensions, categories, and types, it may take some time in arriving at a final decision. But if you know where to place the piano you would buy, and what you are “specifically” looking for in terms of design and functionality, then, these things can help you choose what’s best for you.

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