How Big is a Climbing Harness?

There are many kinds of climbing harness sizes because climbers have different physical features. Small sizes are about 27-30″ (69-76 cm) / 18-22″ (45-56 cm) while the medium is 30-33″ (76-84 cm) / 20-24″ (51-61 cm). There are also large harnesses at 33-36″ (84-91 cm) / 22-26″ (56-66 cm). The extra large dimensions are 36-39″ (91-99 cm) / 24-28″ (61-71 cm).


This is the most important piece of equipment for anyone who wants to climb rocks. You need to pick one that is reliable and comfortable. It must also work properly. There are many types and the best way to find out is to test it. There should be enough gear loops and padding.

Indoor Harnesses

While the climbing harness sizes are crucial, you have to be certain that it is suited for the job. Some are made only for mountain rock climbing while others for indoor climbing. These pieces of equipment are typically lightweight. They can fit easily and be taken off without trouble.

Padding is a common feature although not always built in. These are created with flexibility in mind. There will be few gear loops; some don’t have any. In other words, these are made with speed and flexibility in mind.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

There are several models that serve different purposes. An individual that is into traditional climbing has to have a well padded gear. This is necessary when the climber has to carry plenty of gear.

Numerous gear loops are needed to carry gear. Most of these harnesses have lumbar to support the additional weight. There is also an additional hand loop built in. This loop is where additional rope can be fastened. This is only for hauling; not anchoring.

Adjustable Features

Equipment with quick adjusting features will be appreciated by multi-pitch climbers and mountaineers. This feature permits climbers to change clothing and do other actions without having to take the harness off.

These are for climbers who have to wear the equipment for several days. Some permit the leg loops to be slackened. In certain situations this may be required, making this a handy feature.

You need to be certain the right climbing harness size is used. If it is too small, you will feel very uneasy. Also keep in mind that you can sit in one of these. You need to be certain the harness is built to last. Some break down after only a few uses.

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