How Large is a Garden Gnome

A garden gnome is a decorative figurine used for lawns and gardens usually made from terracotta clay. Garden gnomes are “dwarf-like” figurines that usually wear pointed hats and colorful attires.

Male garden gnomes are more common than female garden gnomes and as such most of the garden gnomes that are available today are depicted as having beards, smoking a pipe or holding work tools such as axes, hammers and such.

How Large is a Garden Gnome?

Since the mythical gnomes are diminutive creatures with human-like appearances, garden gnomes are basically of the same size. So to answer the question, “How large is a garden gnome?” this could be just a couple of inches tall.

To give you an idea of how large a garden gnome is, it is typically around ten inches up to 19 inches in height.

For a much clearer picture that will answer your question of how large is a garden gnome, dimensions for these are around 16.25 inches in height by 5.5 inches in depth by 6.75 inches in length.

As for how large is a garden gnome of the above dimensions in centimeters, this is equivalent to approximately 41.28 centimeters high by 14 centimeters deep by 17 centimeters long.

If you wish to know how large is a garden gnome that is of dimensions that are smaller than the above-given, you can find garden gnomes that only measure about 10.6 inches in height by 6 inches in width by 4.8 inches in depth.

In centimeters, this is roughly around 26.92 high by 15.24 wide by 12.19 deep.

On the other hand, the answer to how large is a garden gnome that is of bigger dimensions; this is approximately 19.5 inches in height by 9.1 inches in width by 7.5 inches in depth.

Garden Gnome Controversies

Much controversy surrounds garden gnomes in that certain groups see them as being trapped in people’s gardens against their “will.” These groups assert that the garden gnomes are made to “work” against their will and are kept in solitary confinement away from their woodland homes.

As such, members of these groups steal the garden gnomes in order to “free” them. They return these garden gnomes to their woodland homes and even re-paint them to change their appearance so the owners will not recognize their stolen garden gnomes.

There have been a few arrests involving these thefts of the garden gnomes where the perpetrators are fined and made to pay for the gnomes that they have stolen.

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