Biggest Diamond Engagement Ring

The biggest diamond engagement ring size you can wear is size 16. This is equal to 22.33 mm in diameter. In inches, this is .879. The next biggest is 12 3/4. This is equivalent to 22.10 mm. The third biggest is 12 1/2, which is about 21.89 mm or .862 inches in diameter. If you are going to buy a ring though, you have to focus on a lot more than just size. 
Engagement and wedding rings have been used in marriages for a long time. On the surface, it represents a valuable gift to the woman by the man. But it is more than just mere possession of something valuable. The ring is a circle, which since ancient times has symbolized eternity. This makes the ring the perfect symbol of everlasting love. 
Why are Rings Worn on the Left Hand? 
From the biggest diamond engagement ring to the smallest, they are invariably worn on the left hand. The origin of this practice is still unclear, but there are several theories. 
According to one, people believed the third finger possessed a vein directly connected to the heart. Because the left hand is nearer to the heart than the right, the ring was placed there. 
The ancients believed that the third finger was related to the god Apollo and the heart. By putting the ring there, energy is sent to the heart. This boosts the life of the individual wearing it.
Another theory is that it is meant to protect the jewelry from damage. Majority of people are right handed. Putting the ring there would make it susceptible to damage, so it is put on the left. 
Budget and Tips for Buyers 
The”rule” is that the ring should be worth two months’ salary. But that rule isn’t written in stone. Don’t make the mistake of equating your love with the cost of the ring. Don’t let the salespeople dictate how much you should spend. 
Pay attention to detail. Do you want a ring with multiple stones or just one? Will the ring be simple and elegant, or will it be elaborate? It should depend on what your special someone likes. 
Whether you are going to buy the biggest diamond engagement ring or not, pay close attention to the four Cs – carat, clarity, cut and color. Don’t forget to assess the setting. It can go a long way towards beautifying the ring. 

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