Electronics Balance Dimensions


An electronic balance is a device used for the weighing of chemicals. In simple terms, it is a weighing scale that displays the results digitally. 

Zhejiang Mi7te Industry Electronic Balance Dimensions 

The electronic balance measures 480 x 340 x 180 mm. The weighing units it supports are kg, g, oz, lb and jin. The calibration can be done automatically or by hand. The device has full tare capacity and an auto off feature (set to 120 seconds). 

The unit is powered by a couple of AAA batteries. It has a backlight LCD display, making it easy to read the digits. The balance is available in orange, silver or blue. The rated load is 40 kg. The net weight is 10.6 kg and the gross weight is 15.5 kg. 

Liaoning Gentek Inc Electronic Balance Dimensions 

This electronic balance measures 460 x 320 x 160 mm. The weighing scale has a 7 band digital monitor, making it easy to see the results. The unit’s design makes it easy to use and can be used for various types of analysis and experiments in laboratories. 

There is also an optional S-232C interface that can be joined up to the equipment. The electronic balance has a hook at the bottom used for weighing magnetic articles. It can also be used for density measurement. 

Pressing the CAL key will let you adjust the balance without difficulty. There is also a feature that will alert you if there is weight overload. The capacity is 20 kg and the repeat ability is +/-0.1g. 

Shenyang Longteng Co Electronic Balance Dimensions

Their electronic balance measures 660 x 520 x 360 mm. This unit has a weigh scale ranging from 10 to 60 kg. The unit has a multiple band digital monitor for easy reading of the results. The scale is designed for use in laboratories. 

The RS-232C interface can be used to link the scale with printers to print the data being generated. The under-hook weighing can be used for assessing the weight of magnetic articles. 

The weighing scale has auto calibration features, outside adjust poise and shortload protection. To tare the load one just has to press the tare key. Assessing object density is also possible. 

How to Tare the Electronic Balance 

Turn the balance on. It’s ready when the balance registers a zero mass. Put the container for the substance at the balance pan. Now you just have to press the tare button. This will tell the microchip in the machine to deduct the present mass from other readings in the future. 

Now you can put the liquid or chemical in the container. The total mass that will be shown is that of the chemical only. It will exclude the weight of the container. As stated, this will be done not just for this reading but future ones as well.

The electronic balance dimensions are important if space is an issue. But far more important is the capacity of the unit. You must make sure that it can hold the weight you need to measure. 

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