Patch Panel Dimensions

There are many patch panel dimensions, and there are no standards set in the industry. Some panels measure 11 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches, while others are 13 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches. A look at different online shops will show that other panel sizes are available. 
What is a Patch Panel?
Patch panels are devices used for setting up communication between components. These panels are available in many types. But the typical one has jacks or port locations. This is where the wires and cords are inserted into. 
The patch panel is often used to network numerous PCs. The patch panel is utilized to network the computers. The panel is linked to the server running the LAN. 
As varied as the patch panel dimensions are the designs. One of the most frequently used is the mounted hardware type. This is fastened into position in a switch room or wiring closet. 
In this case, the patch panel is situated close to the secondary and primary drivers that operate the network. Connections from docking stations and desktops are connected to the panel and linked to the server. The same setup is used with phone lines and fax machines. 
Another design is akin to the power strip. Several receptacles or jacks are set along the panel body. This permits several pieces of equipment to link up with the panel. After the equipment is linked by way of the panel, tasks may be performed at the workstation. The task will then be finished at another workstation. 
Benefits and Advantages 
The biggest benefit of the patch panel is that it becomes easy to link up several pieces of equipment on a hub or server even if the server connections are not proper. 
Because all the connections are set in the panel, only a single connection between the server and panel is needed. The patch panel also makes the upgrading process easy. Without the patch panel, you have to take out the server from the trays or racks. 
The patch panel is usually used in the office. But it is possible to use one for home networks. One computer can be configured as the server. The patch panel will function as the hub where the other PCs will be connected. 
While the patch panel dimensions may differ, the capabilities mentioned above can be done by all patch panels. Today you can buy them in different stores on the Net. 

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