Most Populated World Cities

The population of the cities around the world is subject to change, so the figures given below are just approximations of the total population. The figures for the most populated world cities are based on UN studies.

The Ten Most Populated Cities

Tokyo, Japan is at number one with a population of 34,400,000. Jakarta, Indonesia is at number two with 21,800,000. New York (NY), United States is at number three with a population estimated at 20,090,000.

Seoul, South Korea is the fourth most heavily populated with 20,010,000. Manila, Philippines is at number five with 19,550,000 residents. Mumbai (Bombay), India is at number six with 19,530,000.

The seventh most populated is Sao Paulo, Brazil with a population of 19,140,000. At the number eight position is Mexico City, Mexico. Its population has been put at 18,430,000. The ninth most populated is Delhi, India with 18,000,000. Osaka, Japan is at number ten. The population figure is 17,270,000.

Most Populated World Cities: 11 to 20

Cairo, Egypt is at number 11 with 16,750,000. Number 12 is Kolkata (Calcutta), India with 15,010,000. Los Angeles (CA), United States is at the 13th spot with 14,730,000. Shanghai, China is at number 14 with 14,460,000.

Moscow, Russia is at the number 15 spot. Its population has been put at 13,260,000. Beijing (Peking), China is at number 16. The population estimate is 12,770,000.

With an estimated population of 12,390,000, Buenos Aires, Argentina is at number 17. Guangzhou, China is at number 18 with 11,810,000. Shenzhen, China occupies the number 19 slot with a population estimate of 11,710,000. Istanbul, Turkey is at number 20 with 11,220,000.

The Largest Cities from Number 21 to 30

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is at number 21 with 11,160,000. At number 22 is Paris, France with 10,430,000. Karachi, Pakistan is at number 23 with 9,380,000. At 24th place is Nagoya, Japan with 9,250,000. The 25th place belongs to Chicago (IL), United States. Its population has been put at 9,030,000. Lagos, Nigeria is at the number 26 slot with 8,860,000.

London, United Kingdom is at number 27 with 8,320,000. The 28th most populated is Bangkok, Thailand with 8,290,000. Kinshasa, Dem Rep of Congo is at number 29 with 8,190,000. Occupying the 30th place is Tehran, Iran. It has a population of 8,000,000.

Lima, Peru is at number 31 with 7,750,000. At the 32nd place is Dongguan, China with 7,650,000. Number 33 among the most populated world cities is Bogota, Colombia with 7,440,000.

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