Most Populated American Cities

This list of the most populated American cities is based on the statistics of the United States census Bureau. Note: this list is for US cities, not the metropolitan areas.

The Top Ten

New York is the most populated city in the US. It has a population of 8,391,881. At number two is Los Angeles, California. There are an estimated 3,831,868 people living there. At number three is Chicago, Illinois with 2,851,268.

Houston, Texas is the fourth most populated with 2,257,926. The number five slot belongs to Phoenix, Arizona. Its population has been estimated to be 1,593,659.

With a population of 1,547,297, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is ranked number six. The number seventh slot belongs to San Antonio, Texas. It has a population of 1,373,668. San Diego, California is at number eight. Its population has been put at 1,306,300.

The number nine slot belongs to another city in Texas, Dallas. The population is 1,299,542. San Jose, California is at the number ten spot with 964,695.

The Most Populated American Cities: 11 to 20

Detroit, Michigan is at number 11 with a population of 910,921. At number 12 is San Francisco, California. The latest estimates put the population at 815,358. Number 13 is Jacksonville, Florida with a population of 813,518. Indianapolis, Indiana is at number 14 with 807,584. The number 15 slot is held by Austin, Texas. It has a population of 786,386.

The sixteenth most populated city is Columbus, Ohio with 769,332. At number 17 is Fort Worth, Texas. It has a population of 727,577. At the number 18 slot is Charlotte, North Carolina with 709,441. Memphis, Tennessee is at number 19. It has 676,640 residents. The 20th slot belongs to Boston, Massachusetts. The population is at 645,169.

Number 21 to 30

Number 21 is Baltimore, Maryland with 637,418. Number 22 is El Paso, Texas with a population of 620,456. At the number 23 slot is Seattle, Washington with 616,627. The 24th most populated is Denver, Colorado with 610,345. Occupying the number 25 slot is Nashville, Tennessee with 605,473.

Number 26 is Milwaukee, Wisconsin with 605,013. At the number 27 spot is Washington, District of Columbia. The 28th most populated US city is Las Vegas, Nevada with 567,641.

At number 29 in the list of the most populated American cities is Louisville, Kentucky. It has a population of 566,503. The number 30 slot belongs to Portland in Oregon. Its population has been put at 566,143.

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