Wedding Catering Table Dimensions

Size of the wedding tables matter especially if you are preparing for a wedding feast. And since preparing an appropriate arrangement for chairs and tables can already take so much of your time to handle alone, you may, perhaps, choose to oversee this and opt for a catering service that often provide you with these necessities and give you options for wedding catering table dimensions to go with the chairs.

Different Shops, Different Options

The online environment usually has the fastest manner of getting in touch with certain caterers that can give you the specifications of their wedding tables used for catering services.

If you surf around, you would see these options:

Some shops online offer wedding tables with two choices on the dimensions: Either with measurements of around 8’ by 1.5’ and approximately sized at 6’ by 1.5’

Others give a very genius offer of folding catering tables that can be used not only for your wedding but also for other important occasions. Most of these types of tables have main dimensions of around 60 by 29 and 1/2 by 29 and 1/4 inches. Folding tables are very easy to use, and can be folded and removed in no time at all after the wedding celebration.

Aside from folding tables, there are also round tables of around 60 inches. You may also see some offers on stainless steel tables measuring around 6’ by 24 inches or 183 by 61 cm.

Others give you table sizes with about 24’ wide and 21’ deep – a particular measurement for a wedding catering table that is common with most caterers.

Some give measurements in feet at about: 35 feet by 95 feet, which equals to about 3325 square feet.

The Size of the Table and Cloth Go Together

Dressing up the catering table is also a work of art before placing the masterpieces on the mouthwatering menu on top to feed everyone. This also have a lot to do with the size or dimensions that you would choose to stick to or what the catering service would offer you. If you can narrow down your options immediately, the decorations would then come nicely and make everything look perfect and truly appealing.

Among the decorations, the table cover is the most important. Typically, the color white is used for the table covers for weddings. Others place colored cloths. While you can choose to go classic with the white color or opt for other vibrant colors, remember that the size of the cloth should be appropriate with the size of the table.

As aforementioned, size matters when it comes to the wedding catering table dimensions that will hold all the foods you would partake.

So if you want to minimize the headaches of going through all the wedding dining table options to let you and your guests dine in style, it’s best to discuss things with your caterer to learn about the wedding catering table dimensions offered.

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