Family Room Dimensions

A family room or entertainment room is usually a home addition project. It is not always included in a home’s original floor plan. There are other homemakers, however, who are particular about having a family room right from the start.

No matter whether you are making a family room as an addition to your already built home or as a significant feature in a house that is currently under construction, you must have an idea about family room dimensions to be carefully guided.

Family Room Dimensions

Determining family room dimensions will have to depend on a lot of factors.

First, you will have to consider the amount of space that your house will allow. In case you are killing a bedroom to create a family room, you will have to use the smallest bedroom in the house for this project. That’s common sense. No family member would probably take a small room in house, especially since families usually have growing needs. So you have no choice but to use the smallest bedroom that no one will take.

Secondly, you will have to consider the family room dimensions in relation to the appliances and furniture that you intend to put in. You need to make sure, of course, that the family room will be able to accommodate the things that you have purchased for it – from the electronics to the seating options and even to the decorative items.

Thirdly, you will have to consider the average number of people who will be using the family room. If this is strictly exclusive for the members of the house, you can make do with the minimum family room dimensions of 19’x15’ (for a family of four). You can expand from that size and beyond, depending on the first two factors. If you plan to entertain guests in your family room and use it doubly as a living room, you will definitely need a bigger size.

For a Roomy Space

In a house that allows a huge family room, it is very interesting to make design decisions. If you have bigger space, you will definitely have more options as to what to include in your family room. Simply put, you will not have to make do with just a television set, a few couches, and a coffee table, which is ideally the contents of a small-sized family room. With a roomy space, you can include a few other interesting pieces of furniture and make your family room teeming with other enjoyable activities.

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