The World’s Biggest Bus


The world’s biggest bus is the Superliner bus in China. The bus is 82 feet long, nearly 42 feet longer than the average bus. The bus can seat 300 passengers. 

Other Facts about the World’s Largest Bus

It takes 35 steps to walk from the back to the front. The bus has 40 seats and five doors. The bus is wheelchair accessible. The top speed is 51 miles per hour. The bus service line is in Hangzhou and Beijing. Due to its size, it can only use specific bus only lanes on the freeways. 

Size of a Double-Decker Bus 

Compared to the world’s biggest bus, the double-decker bus is 30 to 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 15 feet high. Except for the height, these are also the dimensions of other regular buses. 

Dimensions of a School Bus 

There are variations of course, but most school buses are 9 to 11 feet tall. They are usually 8 feet wide. The length varies somewhat. Although 40 ft is considered the standard, there are also some school buses 12 feet long. 

There are also other buses that are 10 to 12 meters long. Sometimes the bus dimensions are specified in millimeters (i.e., 8500 x 2400 x 3100 mm). 

Passenger Capacity 

The dimensions of the world’s biggest bus can also be gauged by the number of passengers ordinary buses can carry. Some regular buses can carry 65 passengers. The longer ones can carry 72 or 77. The double decker buses will have double that capacity at most. 

There are some school buses that have a capacity of 15 only. Other buses have a capacity of 24 or 66. In the case of school buses, the number of students it has to carry will determine the seating capacity. 

The school bus seating capacity can also be determined by the type. The Type A school bus has a capacity for 10 to 16 students. The Type B school bus has a capacity for 10 to 30 individuals. 

The Type C bus is bigger; its capacity can be from 10 to 54 people. The Type D school bus has the same capacity as the Type C. The Type S is the smallest with a maximum carrying capacity of 9 people. 

These figures show just how large the world’s biggest bus actually is. With the need for transportation increasing, expect more large buses to be manufactured and used. 

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