What is the Size of an Attic?


The attic is the space located below the pitched roof of a house. In other places it is called the sky parlor, loft or garret. Because they fill up the space in the uppermost floor and the roof, their shapes vary.

Attic Dimensions 

The sizes of attics depend on the size of the roof and the house. Many attics measure 35'L x 30'W, 30’L x 25’ W or 40’ L x 35 ‘W. While the sizes vary, they are known for being oddly shaped. Many of them are awkwardly shaped. Many of them have hard to access corners and exposed rafters. In spite of this fact, the attic can have many uses. 


Many attics are used as offices or bedrooms. When used in this manner, the attic will have staircases and windows. Often the attic dimensions determine how it can be used. 

If it is hard to get to, the place will be used as a storage room rather than a bedroom or office. Sometimes the attic is just neglected because it is so difficult to reach. 

Attics are also useful in maintaining the temperature in a house. This is possible because they provide a huge mass of still air. On the other hand, hot air emanating from the lower floors often ends in the attic. This makes the place quite hot. 

Attics without insulation often cause energy loss, which can reach as high as 15%. No matter what the attic dimensions are, you will need to have it insulated. This isn’t just to cut energy loss, but also to make it more hospitable. 


In some cases the word attic refers to lofts that boarded ceilings and floors. These usually have sky lights and windows.

Tips for Decorating Bedrooms 

If you want to use the attic as a bedroom, decide where the bed will be. Ideally, it should be at the side and not in the middle. You should also choose a spot where the roof is high. 

This will give you space to put the ceiling fan. Even with insulation or central air conditioning, the room will still get hot. This is especially true during the summer. A ceiling fan over your bed will keep you cool. 

Now that you’ve set aside a space for the bed, use the other side as a reading area. You can add a lot of chair and table. Or you can use a loveseat instead. 

If there is space, put a couch there. Put the lighting near the reading area. You can add curtains too if there is a closet. You can add other furniture there if the space permits. But you must make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the attic. It gets hot, and it will get even more so if the place is crowded, so you need to be careful. 

Before you design the place, it’s important that you pay close attention to the attic dimensions. This will ensure you feel more comfortable and at ease. A little bit of planning is all it takes to make the place cozy.

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