How High is Mount Halti?

Mount Halti is found in Finland, which is actually the highest point in the How High is Mount Halticountry. It is part of the municipality of Enontekio, which is found in the Lapland province. It is situated right at the middle of the border of Norway and Finland. It is part of the Scandinavian Mountain Range. As one of Finland’s pride, it has drawn significant attention from mountaineers and adventurers from various parts of the world who find this place very attractive. Learn more about it by knowing the actual height of Mount Halti.

The Height of Mount Halti

How high is Mount Halti? Its highest point is measured at 1,365 meters, which is found within the borders of Norway. Meanwhile, its highest point in Finland measures a bit lower at the height of 1,324 meters above the normal level of the sea. This is also the highest point in the country. The Haiti fell is also called by other names such as Haltiatunturi, Haltia and Haltitunturi. The summit is officially called Raisduattarhaldi, which is found within the borders of Norway. The Finnish Erkki pera is credited for mapping and measuring the dimensions of Mount Halti.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

A spur of Raisduattarhaldi is the highest point in Finland, which is referred to formally as Halditsohkka. It is located just along the Norway border. Part of it can be found in Finland, which belongs to the municipality of Enontekio. Its other part is within the border of Norway, which is actually part of the Kafjord area.

The 10th highest mountain in Finland is called Kieddoaivi, which measures 1,100 meters high. The ninth tallest is referred to as Aldorassa, the height of which is 1,130 meters. Slightly taller than that is the eighth tallest called Kahperusvaarat, which stands 1,144 meters. The seventh tallest mountain in the country is Urtasvaara, the elevation of which is measured at 1,150 meters. The sixth highest Finnish mountain is referred to as Loassonibba, which has a total height of 1,180 meters.

The upper part of the list is comprised of Ruvdnaoaivi at the fifth spot with a height of 1,239 meters. The fourth spot belongs to Kovddoskaisi, which stands high at 1,240 meters. The third tallest mountain in the country is Kiedditsohkka at the height of 1,280 meters. Part of Ridnitsohkka can be found in Finland, which has a total elevation measuring 1,317 meters. Halti is the tallest mountain in Finland with an elevation of 1,324 meters. Its summit is actually higher at the elevation of 1,365 meters. However, this point of the mountain is found not in the country, but within the borders of Norway.

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