Square Miles of Mexico

The square miles of Mexico total 758,249 sq mi. That is equal to 1,972,550 km2. Its capital is Mexico City. Other major cities include Monterrey (5 mil) and Guadalajara (8.5 mil). It has an estimated population of 85 million.

Population Information

The population density is 75.2 persons per sq km. The distribution is 31% rural, 69% urban. The growth is 3%. The ethnicity is 40% European descent and 60% Indian-Spanish (Mestizo). 97% of the population are Roman Catholics. The official language is Spanish. G

Government and Economy

Mexico is a federal democratic republic. Its legislature is a national Congress. There are 31 states and one federal district. The labor distribution is agriculture. Its major trading partners are Japan, the European Union, the US and Canada. Its currency is the Peso. The metric system is used.

Climate and Time Zone

The square miles of Mexico give it a diverse climate. It is dry in the northern area. In the central highlands, it is temperate. It is more tropical in the south. The time zone is Central Standard Time. The only exceptions are Nayarit, Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California. They use Pacific Standard Time.


Mexico is the northernmost country in South America. It is also the southernmost country in North America. It has a 3,234 km border with the US. On its east is the Caribbean Sea. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean and on the south, Belize and Guatemala.


Mexico is the 13th biggest country in the world. 52 percent of the land is ideal for livestock. 20% can be cultivated. 28% of the land is forested.

Geographical Features

Central Mexico is notable for its elevated plateaus. It also has numerous mountain ranges. On the north side, the plateau descends and forms the Rio Grande valley. In Mexico it is called the Rio Bravo. The eastern coast is flat and low. A few of the mountains are situated close to the coast. The southeastern area has a sandy shoreline.

Along the Gulf of Mexico, the rainfall can be intense. This is in contrast to the north Pacific slope. Very little rain falls there. There are numerous volcanic peaks in the country. The river system is not extensive. The major ones are Rio Grande del Norte and the Coatzacoalcos.

The square miles of Mexico is the reason why its climate is so varied. The mean temperature however, is 77 to 82 F (25 to 28 C). The highest is about 100 (38C.).

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