What is the Size of Europe?

The area size of Europe is 10,180,000 sq kmSize of Europe (or 3,930,000 sq mi). Its population has been estimated to be 731,000,000. The population density is 70 sq km or 181 sq mi. Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, covering 2% of the planet’s surface.

Geographical Information

There are currently 50 countries in Europe. In terms of population, it is the third highest among all the continents. Its geographical features are varied. The southern part is known for its vast mountain ranges. The northern parts head down and features several upland hills. The lowland area is referred to as the Great European Plain.

European Countries by Area

If the size of Europe’s cities is measured by area, Russia would be the biggest. Its land area is 17,075,400 sq km. It’s followed by Turkey (783,562 sq km), Ukraine (603,700 sq km), France (547,030) and at number five is Spain with an area of 504,851 sq km.

Sweden is the sixth biggest at 449,964 sq km; Germany is at seventh, measuring 357,021 sq km. Finland is at number eight with an area of 336,593 sq km. Norway is the ninth largest (324,220 sq km) and at number ten is Poland (312,685 sq km).

Italy is the 11th largest at 301,230 sq km followed by the Untied Kingdom at 244,820 sq km. Romania is the 13th largest (238,391); Belarus is the 14th largest with an area of 207,600 sq km. Greece is the 15th biggest as it measures 131,940 sq km.

European Countries by Population

If the size of Europe’s countries is measured by population, Russia would still be the largest; its population is 141,800,000 (as of 2002). Germany is the second biggest with 82,551,851 residents.

Turkey is at third with 75,886,256 and France is fourth with 65,165,983. The United Kingdom’s population has been estimated at 61,600,835 while Italy’s has been put at 60,051,711.

Spain is the seventh most populated country with 46,061,274 inhabitants. Ukraine is number eighth with 45,996,470 followed by Poland with 38,125,478. Romania is number ten with 21,398,181.

The Netherlands’ population has been put at 16,518,199. Greece is at number 12 with a population of 11,245,343 while Portugal has 10,709,995 residents. Belgium’s population has been estimated at 10,574,595.

Smallest European Territories

The smallest is the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. The size of Europe’s smallest city is 0.44 sq km. It is followed by Monaco at 1.95 sq km. Gibraltar is the third smallest at 5.9 sq km followed by San Marino at 61 sq km. Guemsey is the fifth smallest at 78 sq km.

Jersey measures 116 sq km followed by Liechtenstein at 160 sq km. Malta measures 316 sq km. Andorra has an area of 468 sq km. The Isle of Man is the tenth smallest at 572 sq km.

In terms of population the Vatican is also the smallest with only 900 inhabitants. The Mayen Islands is next with a population of 2,868. Aland is third with a population of 26,008.

While the size of Europe’s population is currently 11% of the world’s total, it’s been estimated it will dip to 7% by 2050. By contrast it had 25% of the world’s population during 1900.

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