What is the size of Washington?

The size of Washington is 71,342 sq mi (194,827 km2). WashingtonThe width is 240 miles (400 km) and its length is 360 miles (580 km). The capital is Olympia.

Geographical Information

The water area is 6.6%. The latitude is 45 degrees, 33’ N to 49 degrees N. The longitude is 116 degrees, 55’ W to 124 degrees, 46’ W. Mount Rainier is the highest point, reaching 14,411 ft (4,396 m). The Pacific Ocean is the lowest point at 0 ft / 0 m. The mean is 1,700 ft (520 m).

Majority of the residents live in Seattle. Geographically, the west side is home to extensive rain forests. At the center, northeast and southeast are mountain ranges. On the eastern section are agricultural lands.

Size of Washington’s Population

The population estimate as of 2008 was 6,549,224. The density was 88.6 sq mi (34.20 km2).

The state started out with only 1,201 inhabitants in 1850. It grew to 11,594 in 1860 and reached 75,116 by 1880. 1890 saw the population grow to 357,232, an increase of over 375% in ten years. Washington’s population breached the 1 million mark in 1910 (the estimate was 1,141,990). By 1930, there were 1,563,396 living in Washington.

The figure reached 2,378,963 in 1950 and went up to 3,409,169 in 1970. The 1980 census revealed 4,132,156 were living in the state. The total reached 5,894,121 by the year 2000.

88% of its population has been estimated to be white, 4.12% black, 6% Asian and the remaining percentage divided among Native Americans, Native Alaskans and Pacific Islanders.

In terms of ancestry, German has been estimated at 18%, English at 12% followed by Irish at 11%. Norwegian is next at 8%, Mexican at 5% and Filipino at 3.7%.

Size of Washington’s Cities

Seattle is the most heavily populated with 602,000 followed by Spokane with its population of 205,500. Tacoma is at third (203,400) followed by Vancouver with its 164,500 residents.

Bellevue is the fifth most populated with 120,600 and Everett is sixth with 103,500. Spokane Valley has a population of 89,440 and Federal Way has 88,580. Kent is at number nine with 88,380 and Yakima is at number ten with 84,850.

Renton is the 11th most populated with 83,650 followed by Bellingham (76,130). Auburn has an estimated population of 67,485; Kennewick’s population has been put at 67,180 and Lakewood 58,840.

The size of Washington’s other major cities: Pasco has a population of 54,490 followed by Shoreline with 54,320. Redmond’s population has been estimated at 51,890 and Kirkland 49,010. The capital Olympia has a population of 45,250.


16% of the population is estimated to be Catholic while 49% are Protestant. The biggest Protestant denominations are mainline at 23% and Evangelical at 25%.

There are also adherents for the Church of Latter Day Saints and other religions. The percentage of non religious people is 31, the second highest among western states (next only to Colorado).

The size of Washington’s economy makes it the 14th biggest in the US. It is well known for producing aircraft and computer software. It is also one of the few states not to levy a personal income tax.


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