What is the Size of an Aluminum Mess Kit?

The aluminum mess kit sizes depend on what materials are included. For instance, the Coleman kit includes a 16 ounce pot with lid, 7.5 inch frying pan, a six inch deep dish plate and an eight ounce cup. There are two types available: the civilian and military kit.

Civilian Kits

Some kits are designed for one person or it may be for up to eight people or more. The kit consists of kitchen wares that are easy to store and lightweight. That is why aluminum is the preferred material. Some items though, are made from enameled steel or plastic.

The civilian kit typically has cutlery, a cup, a plate and a kettle. The kettle may double up as a coffee pot. A skillet is also included. The package includes a detachable or foldable handle you can use with cookware. The items are stored within each other akin to a Russian doll. All the components are placed in a stuff sack.

If the package is designed for a backpacker, the aluminum mess kit sizes will be light and compact. Many of the items will also have double functions. The components in the family size kits will be the same size as standard kitchen ware.

Other Features

The kits may also include sierra cups spoons, knives and forks. In some packages sporks and chopsticks are used instead.

Military Mess Kits

These are even more compact than the average kit. They contain a cup, canteen, food tray and skillet. These are designed to make maximum use of space. For instance, the lids are used for eating, cooking and preparing food. They typically come in three parts. In camp, soldiers utilize a multi-compartment tray.

How Meals are Prepared in the Kits

To eat, the kit has to be unlatched and the utensils removed. The utensils have to be dipped in warm water and cleaned first. It is dried with a towel before being used. After eating, the pan, utensils and other items are cleaned in spray water. They should be dried and wiped with a towel.

Other Considerations

Look for kits that are durable. Some items break when they are bent too much. Note also that some pot handles get too hot. If you are a camper, you definitely want a lightweight kit.

The aluminum mess kit sizes should be carefully considered by the camper. Make sure that it is durable and not too heavy. Otherwise, it will be hard to carry.

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