Dimensions of a Surform

Surform dimensions vary depending on the type. Some surform tools are 9 inches long while some are 7 ¼ inches long. There are also some surform tools that measure 10” or 8”.

General Information

The surform tool has a perforated metal sheet. In terms of appearance, it is very much like a food grater. The tool is comprised of a metal strip with punched out holes. All the hole rims are sharpened so there is a cutting edge.

The strip is set on a handle. Graters are surform tools as are cutters, drum type sanders, shapers, rasps, files and planes. Discs utilized for random orbital sanders are also known as surform tools. Given this fact, it is hardly a wonder that the surform dimensions vary a great deal.

Difference from Graters

Although a lot like food graters, surform tools have some distinguishing characteristics. Their most noticeable difference is the sharpened rim. Most surform tools are used for shaping materials instead of grating it.

Other Types of Surform Tools

There are various surform tools so they can handle various shapes. These include the rasp, half-round or flat planes. Different types of shaving and shaping utilities are also surform tools. Some surform tools are larger than others.

The larger ones are meant for two-handed use and the smaller kind for singlehanded use. Note that in the US these are known as planes but they are classified as belonging to the rasps and files.


The surform tool can be used like sandpaper. But it has advantages including being faster, cleaner to use and there is no clogging either.

When used in woodworking, the surform tool can quickly take out wood along curved areas. They are also simpler to use than a drawknife. After being used, the rough surface can be finished with sanding blocks and other similar tools.

The surform can also be used to eliminate the extra hoof wall. These can also be used to clean the hooves of elephants. There are also surform tools that can be used for shaping wood or smooth pruning cuts.

These tools are widely used by bonsai cultivators. They can also be utilized to trim drywall, surfboards or sculpture. Surform rasps and files can be used in some auto repair shops as well.

The varied surform dimensions and types mean they can be used in very different fields. Note that surform tools are designed for specific tasks, so read the product description first.

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