How Big is Multiply?

One of the leading social networking services available today is Multiply, which allows registered users to share various kinds of media including blog entries, videos as well as photos. It was launched sometime in December 2003 with the support of investors like Transcosmos, Point Judith Capital and VantagePoint Venture Partners. Today, it is available in two languages, namely Japanese and English. Aside from these highly interesting facts, there are more to learn about it including how big is Multiply.

The Growth of Multiply

How big is Multiply? One of the easiest ways to determine the size of this social networking service is through the number of its registered users. In recent years, records show that it has more than 11 million users registered. Just imagine how big this site has become, considering it only had 7 million users as of 2007. Aside from these impressive numbers, it had 12.5 million unique visitors in September 2007. In recent years, its popularity declined due to the launch of other highly successful social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster and others.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Multiply is owned by Peter Pezaris, who is supported by a combination of different private investors. Its headquarters is located within the City of Boca Raton in Florida. One of its major features is blogging, which allows users to make meaningful blogs while changing the size, color, type and style of font. To make the blogs more attractive, it is also possible for users to add pictures to these posts. Furthermore, it is possible to attach files and include polls right onto the blogs. To maintain the privacy of its users, the settings of the blogs can be changed easily depending on their preferences.

In addition to the wonderful blogging feature, Multiply offers registered users the opportunity to post and share unlimited number of photographs. Another fascinating feature is the share link, which allows non-members of this social networking site to see the private photos of its members. The Auto Uploading tool makes it very convenient for the registered users to upload photographs of various all-important events.

Furthermore, this site makes it very much possible for users to upload videos easily. It also allows the transfer of videos straight from sites like Google Video, Photobucket and YouTube. Besides these impressive features, users will surely love the other nice things it has to offer such as uploading music playlists and showcasing products as well as items at the marketplace section. Right from the start, this social networking site has been featuring a special section for recipes.

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