Worlds Biggest Yacht

The world’s biggest yacht is the Eclipse. It is 163.5 m (536 ft) long. It is 0.5 meters (1 ft 8 in) longer than the Dubai, which used to be longest. The Eclipse is owned by Roman Abramovich. It cost US$1.2 billion to build.


The Eclipse has 24 guest cabins, two helicopter pads, a disco hall, hot tubs and a couple of swimming pools. The yacht also has a mini submarine that can reach a depth of 50 m. The yacht also has three launch boats. Seventy people are required to run the Eclipse.


The yacht has a German-built missile defense system and intruder detection systems. The yacht’s windows are armor plated. They also have bulletproof glass. There are also reports the yacht has lasers. These scan the area for paparazzi. When a CCD is spotted, a light is activated so photos cannot be taken.


The world’s biggest yacht was launched on June 12 2009. It was tested in Denmark on September 18, 2009. It was delivered to Abramovich on the 9th of December, 2010.

Other Big Yachts

Dubai is the second largest, as stated. It is 531’    / 162 m long. It is owned by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. At number three is the Al Said which is 508’ / 155m long. The yacht is owned by Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

The fourth largest is the Prince Abdulaziz. It is 482’ 147 m long. The yacht is owned by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. It was built by Helsingør Værft. The Al Salamah is at number five. It is 456’ 139m long. It is owned by the Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia.

The Rising Sun is the sixth biggest at 453’ 138m. It is owned by David Geffen. The Savarona is at number seven. It is 446’ 136m long. The eighth longest is the Serene at 440’ 134m. At number nine is the Octopus which is 413’ 126m.

The tenth longest is the 8th Wonder. It is 403’ 123m long. The eleventh longest is the Alexander. It is 400’ 122m long. A (Project Sigma) is at the 12th spot with a length of 390’ 119m.

Compared to the world’s biggest yacht, the Turama is only 382’ 116m long. It is a charter yacht owned by the Latsis family. The Atlantis is at number 14. It is 380’ 116m long. It is owned by the Niarchos family and was built by Hellenic Shipyards.

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