How Big is a Container Ship?

The size of container ships continues to expand as the shipment of Container Shipdry cargoes to various places becomes more necessary. The following are some of the largest ones currently active.

Dimensions of the Emma Maersk

The Emma Maersk is 397 meters (1,300 ft) long. The tonnage is 170,972 GT / 55,396 NT. Its draft is 15.5 m (51 ft) and the beam is 56 m (180 ft). The Emma Maersk has a depth of 30 meters (98 ft). The propulsion is 80 MW (109,000 hp) Wärtsilä 14RT-Flex96c + 30 MW (40,000 hp).

The speed of the cruise ship is 25.5 knots (47 km/h or 29 mph). The size of container ship Emma Maersk allows it to store 156,907 metric tons deadweight (DWT). The ship is operated by a crew of 13. It was built by the Odense Steel Shipyard Ld, Denmark.

Dimensions of the MSC Danit

Its weight is 165,517 metric tons (153,092 gross tonnage). Its length has been measured at 365.5 m (or 1,199 ft). The beam of the MSS Danit is 51 m (168 ft) and the draft is 16 m (42.5 ft). The maximum speed is 25 knots (about 45 km/h). The cruising speed is at 24 knots (45 km/h).

The capacity is 14,000 TEU; 1,000 TEU (reefer containers); 10,060 TEU (14t TEU). The operator is the MSC Mediterranean Shipping co. The size of cruise ship MSC Danit makes it one of the largest in service today.

Dimensions of the MSC Beatrice

A sister ship of the MSC Danit, the MSC Beatrice is 366.10 m (1,201.1 ft) long. The tonnage is 151,559 GT. The ship has a 51 m (170 ft) beam and a draft of 15 m (49 ft). Its speed is 25 knots (56 km/h or 29 mph). The capacity is 156,301 metric tons (deadweight (14,000 TEU; 1,000 TEU, reefers). The ship has a crew of 30. The homeport is Panama.

Dimensions of the CMA CGM Thalassa

The size of cruise ship CMA CGM Thalassa length wise is 346.5 m (1,136.8 ft). The tonnage is 130,700 metric tons. The draft is 15 m (49 ft) and the beam is 43 m (141 ft). The speed of the Thalassa is 24.4 knots (45 km/h) at cruising. The top speed is 24.7 knots. The capacity is 10,960 TEU containers. It was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding.

Dimensions of the Gudrun Maersk

The ship’s tonnage is 115,700 metric tons (deadweight). It is 367 m (1,200 ft) long with a beam of 43 m (140 ft). The draft is about 14.5 m (48 ft). The speed is 24 knots (equal to 44 km/h). The cruising speed is 23.2 knots. The container capacity is around 8,000.

The operator is the Maersk Line and was built by Odense Steel. Launched in 2005, the container ship was the biggest at the time. But the biggest container ship now is the Emma Maersk.

The sizes of container ships continue to grow exponentially. With technology and increasing demand, their dimensions are starting to rival those of oil tankers.

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