Size of Car Keyless Entry Units

Keyless entry unit sizes are varied. There are some that measure 5.9 x 3.5 x 10.4 inches. Other devices have dimensions of 3 x 2 x 8 inches. Some are shaped like a remote or a credit card. Apart from the different sizes, their features also vary. These are sometimes known as smart keys.


The system is embedded with computer chips that allow it to lock and unlock the car from a distance. You can do this by hitting a button on the unit. By hitting the start engine button, you will be able to start the vehicle even without utilizing the key. The biggest benefit of this system is you can get in the vehicle and drive it even if the key is with you.

How the System Works

While the keyless entry unit sizes differ, a program set in the car will sense and check the smart key code. Only when the codes have matched will the car start. The computer chips have the codes encrypted. Only the application in the car can read the codes. Without the code’s activation, the car will not run.

While built primarily to secure the vehicle, these keys are also capable of controlling all the major functions. Aside from the door, you can use it to control the alarm, the trunk and the engine.


These smart keys obviously help secure the car. This also reduces the need to carry several keys. Instead of carrying keys for the car alarm, ignition etc, you just bring one. The smart key will set the alarm off.

Even if the carjacker gets in the vehicle, it will not start unless you activate the key. Almost all new cars can accommodate this feature. Some older models can be fitted with these units as well. Having this system installed means there is no chance the car will get hotwired.


These units are sold in many auto shops. If your car is old, the people in the store can help you fit the system in. These devices are also sold online. There features vary, so it pays to conduct some research first. The Internet is also a good place to compare the prices of these items.

The keyless entry unit sizes are not as important as their functionality. Most of the time, their dimensions are compact so they are easy to carry. As technology improves, their features will also increase.

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