How Big is London Bridge?

The length of the London Bridge is 269 m (860 ft). Its longest span is 104 m (340 ft). The clearance below is 8.9 m (29 ft). It is 32 m (107 ft) wide. The bridge is sometimes mistaken for the Tower Bridge.


The bridge crosses the River Thames. It connects the Southwark and London City to central London. The bridge can be found between Tower Bridge and Cannon Street Railway Bridge. It makes up the Pool of London’s west end.

The station and Southwark Cathedral are at the bridge’s south side. The Monument tube station and the Monument to the Great Fire of London are to its north.


The present bridge opened on March 17, 1973. It is just one of the many bridges over the area to be called by that name. There is evidence bridges had always been on the site since Roman times. The oldest bridge was probably a pontoon bridge. It was constructed by the Romans c. 50 AD. However, it cannot compare to the length of the London Bridge today.

In AD 55, a piled bridge was created. A Roman settlement was set adjacent to it. A rebellion in AD 60 destroyed the bridge. However, the Romans quelled the rebellion. A new bridge and town were built. When the Romans departed, the bridge deteriorated. There is no record of a Saxon bridge having been constructed in the area.

The Modern Bridge

The present bridge was created by Mott, Hay and Anderson. Alan Simpson was the engineer. The contractor was John Mowlem and Co. The bridge was opened on March 17, 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II. It is made up of three prestressed-concrete box girders spans. The lights were built from the cannons of Napoleon.

In terms of aesthetics, it is not as decorated as the other Thames bridges. The reason is it was built to last. The bridge cost £4 million. The structure was created in the same place as Rennie’s bridge. Today the bridge is one of the most used structures in the country.

In Culture

The length of the London Bridge and its look has made it a popular landmark today. It can be seen in films and documentaries. It is often used to depict people heading off to work.

The bridge has a part of the A3 road. This is managed by the Greater London Authority. The Bridge House Estates owns it.

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