Bicycle Spoke Wrench Sizes

The easiest way to find out bicycle spoke wrench sizes is to measure the flats. In most situations, you should use the smallest wrench possible. The spoke diameter or gauge does not determine the wrench dimensions.

Common Spoke Nipples

Their most common sizes are 0.136″ (3.45 mm) (most Asian), 0.130″ (3.30 mm) (most European) and 0.127″ (3.23 mm) (DT/Wheelsmith nipples).


A spoke is a utility used for adjusting spoke tensions on a bike wheel. It can also be used to adjust wheelchair spokes. It is synonymous with a nipple wrench. This is because it is the spoke nipple that is being spun. It is the one that is altering spoke tension. Spoke nipples have a T shaped cross section.

There is also a thread that goes through one way via an opening. This runs through the principal axis of a spoke. These nipples are on an opening drilled at the rim of the wheel. The nipple threading is on the spoke’s external thread.


The spoke is set on its end via a hub hole. The nipple and spoke are similar to a nut and bolt in function. But there are differences with a standard bolt and nut combo. Nipples and spokes do not combine two components. In the case of the hub and rim, they act as a bridge. The part around the nipple is square.

No matter what the bicycle spoke wrench sizes are, the keys have to be 4 or 3 sided. The former has a cutout that allows it to be fit in a spoke. It can then be slid so the nipple flats are engaged. The four sided type will not round off compared to the three. But it is slow to use.


These wrenches are utilized for spoke wheel repair, maintenance or for creation. But they are all designed to have the spoke tension as near the spokes on one wheel side. By adding or reducing the individual / group tensions, deviations can be corrected. Those experienced with handling wrenches will find these very easy to use.

Today, different bicycle spoke wrench sizes are available. It is ideal to buy different sizes so you can make adjustments. You can buy these on the Internet and in several bicycle repair shops. These are not adjustable wrenches, and you should not use those on your bike. Doing so might make things worse or damage the bike.

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