Dimensions of a Splitting Maul

Splitting maul sizes vary. The handle length for some models is 36 inches but other handles are 34 inches. Some handles however, are longer than 36 inches.

Basic Facts about the Splitting Maul

It is a tool used for chopping logs into smaller parts. After using the maul, the broken pieces can be broken down even more with an axe. Using the axe and splitting maul in combination can turn the chopped wood into workable pieces.

It is usually sold in specialty stores. These tools are often sold with some accessories like the replacement head. The replacement becomes necessary if the tool is used frequently.

The tool is still used in many countries around the world. However, other alternatives have been developed. These include the hydraulic splitter. It works the same way, only much faster.


While the splitting maul sizes differ, their basic design has not changed much. At first glance they look very like an axe. The head is made up of a metal roughly wedge-shaped. Even if it looks like an axe, there are some differences.

The biggest difference is that the maul does not have to be sharpened too much. In fact there are some who like the tool a bit dulled. The maul’s handle is also different from the standard axe.


The splitting maul is used by swinging it down on the wood or log. What the wedge does is push into the log. If the strike is hard enough, the log will be cut into two pieces. A hard piece of log may require a few strikes to be broken down.

Here the blunt edge can become useful. Even if you swing hard, the blunt edge won’t get trapped in the wood. Very sharp splitting mauls can get stuck in knotty wood. Once the log is split, the log can be honed further with the axe or used for kindling.

Tips and Warnings

It’s very important to use the right maul. A maul that’s too light won’t be able to split the log. Splitting on surfaces like mud or dirt may also cause problems. It is also crucial that the maul be maintained properly. Oiling will definitely help.

Never attempt to chop logs unless you know the right splitting maul sizes. Aside from the proper dimensions, you have to make sure the handle is secure. Using a splitting maul with a loose handle can be dangerous.

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