Table Tennis Table Dimensions


If you're interested in table tennis, or any other sport for that matter, then you'll at least try to become familiar with the equipment. If you want to learn how to play table tennis you should take interest in becoming familiar with the rackets, net, balls, and the table. You should also become familiar with the dimensions of the table tennis table.

Dimensions of a Table Tennis Table

Knowing the size and measurements of the table will be helpful to anyone, even to your coach. You will be able to gauge every new player and what possible challenges they might have to face with regard to equipment use. Both coach and player can make necessary adjustments to strategy and game play after being familiar with the equipment.

The dimensions of a table tennis table are as follows. The length of the table is nine feet or 2.74 meters. Its width is at five feet or 1.525 meters and its height from the floor is two feet and six inches or 76 centimeters. The net on the table tennis table is six feet long or 1.83 meters while its height from the top of the table is at six inches or 15.25 centimeters.

Important Details

There are a few things that should be accounted for in case you want to inspect a table before an actual game begins. In case you want to construct a table for yourself then you should keep these details in mind. First off, you can use whatever material you like to construct the table provided that the table surface gives a uniform bounce, which should be around 23 centimeters.

In order to test this, you can get a standard table tennis ball, lift if up to 30 centimeters and drop it to the surface. When the ball bounces back it should go up not lower than around 23 centimeters. Take note that the top edges of the table are part of the playing surface. But the sides of the table below the edge are no longer part of the playing area.

Another important piece of equipment in table tennis is the ball. It should have a diameter of 40 mm and should weigh 2.7 grams. The material used to make these balls should be lightweight yet robust enough to withstand the punishment received from game play. Manufacturers usually use celluloid or any other similar type of plastic. The balls used in table tennis are usually colored orange or white. No other color is allowed for official matches but some manufacturers make balls in other colors for home use.

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