Dining Table Size Guide

Before you start looking for you dining room table, there are a few important considerations that you have to look into.

Getting the first dining table that you like might prove to be a waste of money if you do not check first if the size will fit into your available space.

You also have to check if the number of people it can seat is equal to the number of people in your household or the number of people you would like to entertain at the same time.

Dining Table Size Guide

First of all, check the space you have reserved for the dining table. You may use a measuring tape to help you determine the size of the dining table that you should get.

Distance from the Wall

From the sides of the table facing the wall, there should at least be a distance of approximately forty-eight inches or about one hundred and twenty-two centimeters between the wall and the sides of the table.

This distance should be enough to give you clearance to pull out the chairs from the table.

Seating Capacity

As for the seating capacity, no matter how many chairs your table can accommodate, the seats should at least be four to six inches apart and each person seated at the table should have at least twenty-four inches of personal space for comfortable dining.

Height and Width of the Table

Dining tables are generally twenty-nine inches or seventy-three centimeters high up to about thirty inches or seventy-six centimeters in height. This will give people seated at the table enough leg room from the ground up.

To have just the right room to put all your dishes on the table, the width should at least be twenty inches or fifty-one centimeters up to twenty-four inches or sixty-one centimeters wide.

As for the distance between the top of the seat and the table, it should approximately be twelve inches or roughly around thirty centimeters.

For standard table sizes, recommended chair heights are between eighteen inches or forty-six centimeters and nineteen inches or forty-eight centimeters.

Table Shapes

The shape of the table is also an important factor to consider because you will have to choose the right shape that will fit into your space.

There are round and oval tables as well as square and rectangular tables and your choice will also depend on the seating capacity that you have in mind.

However, if you take the above measurements in consideration, you will be able to choose the right table size for the shape that you want.

The key here is to choose a table with a seating capacity that will provide the most comfort in dining for everyone seated at the table all at the same time.

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