Baby Crib Blanket Dimensions

Baby crib blanket dimensions are about 45 by 60 inches. But its other specifications will be influenced by the mattress depth. The size also depends on how much of the mattress you want covered.


Blankets are an integral part of a nursery. Apart from the size, you also have to choose from different colors, styles and patterns. The right blankets can enhance the look of your nursery. Before you buy, there are several things you have to ponder.

Separate or Sets

A lot of companies sell their products in packages. Each set will have a blanket, crib bumper pad and comforter. Accessories like crib mobiles, diaper stackers and crib ruffle may be bundled in too. Buying a set can be cheaper than buying each part separately. But ask yourself if it is necessary.

Most babies don’t need a comforter. Some parents also doubt the safety of crib bumpers. Don’t buy a set if you are not going to use these accessories. Get separates instead. You will save money. You get to choose baby crib blanket dimensions and the accessories.

Quality Fabric Materials

Blanket prices ranges from the very cheap to the very expensive. Price is not as important as quality though. Blankets have to be very soft so baby’s skin will not be irritated.

Quality materials include higher thread-count woven cottons, flannel crib sheets and knit cotton sheets. Good fabrics are easily washable. Blankets and sheets must all be machine washable. Spot treating and hand washing will take too much time.

A Snug Fit

Modern cribs have similar dimensions, so fitting won’t be an issue. Even if your crib is of a different size, there is bound to be blanket that can fit it. Bedding has to be a snug fit for safety reasons. Some of these products have straps that attach on the sheet. This keeps bedding secure. Don’t put the baby in the crib until you’re sure the sheets are properly fit.


Buy additional sets of bedding and blankets. Babies tend to be very messy. Be prepared by having a few more sheets ready. There are many websites where you can purchase baby products. Their sizes, materials and other specifications will be listed. You can also read product reviews. They can help you decide what to buy.

Because baby crib blanket dimensions are varied, you need to go over them each carefully. You will need larger blankets if you want it to hang from the floor.

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