Sizes of Golf Clubs

The following are the standard golf club sizes. These are the ones usually used to play the game, but custom clubs are available and are used by players too.

Men’s Steel

The driver is 44.0”and strong 3 (3+) is 43.0”. The 3 wood measures 42.5” while the 4 wood is 42.0”. The 5 wood is 41.5” and the 7 wood is 41.0”. The 9 wood is also 41.0”. The 11 wood is 40.5” and the 13 wood is 40.0”.

The 1 iron is 39.5” while the 2 iron is 39.0”. The 3 iron is 38.5” and the 4 iron is 38.0”. The 5 iron is 37.5” and the 6 iron 37.0”. The 7 iron is 36.5” and the 8 iron is 36.0”. The 9 iron is 35.5”. The wedges are 35.0”.

Ladies’ Steel

The driver is 43.0” and the strong 3 (3+) is 42.0”. The 3 wood golf club size is 41.5”. The 4 wood is 41.0”. The 5 wood is 40.5” and the 7 wood is 40.0”. The 9 wood is 40.0” and the 11 wood is 39.5”. The 13 wood is 39.0”.

The 1 iron is 38.5” and the 2 iron measures 38.0”. The 3 iron is 37.5” and the 4 iron is 37.0”. The 5 iron measures 36.5” and the 6 iron is 36.0”. The 7 iron is 35.5” and the 8 iron is 35.0”. The 9 iron is 34.5” and the wedges 34.0”.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

Go to a store that sells golfing equipment. They will be more than happy to help you find the correct size. Your swing is also going to be measured. Choosing the right length is just one step. You will also have to choose the right kind of material.

The shaft length is determined by the individual’s height. They will also evaluate your body so you can swing the club comfortably. When selecting a golf club, you will be asked to make several swings. Your arm length will also be measured.

The measurement is from the middle finger’s tip to the arm. The swing speed must also be determined so you can get the right golf club size.

Only after making all of these measurements should you purchase the clubs. It seems like a lot of work, but they are necessary so you can get the most out of your game. Of course, having the right clubs is not enough; you also need to practice.

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