Bottom Timer Sizes

There are various types of bottom timers, each with their own specs. Whether you are a serious diver or just a casual one, there is likely to be a unit for you.

Bottom Timer Dimensions: Momentum Midsize 1M-DV94B0

The Momentum Midsize 1M-DV94B0 has a case diameter measuring 44.97 millimeters. The case is 14.67 millimeters and the band width is 20 millimeters. The case is stainless steel. The display is analog.

The clasp comes with a double push button safety feature. The bezel material is stainless steel and it has unidirectional bezel functionality. The unit has a perpetual calendar. The bottom timer is also invulnerable to shock.

The depth resistance is up to 660 ft. Although the unit is made for use in diving, it is fashionable enough to be worn as an everyday watch. There is an alarm clock built in. The device also has dive log features and it can assess water temperature too.

Bottom Timer Dimensions: Momentum Midsize 1M-DV96B1

The Momentum Midsize 1M-DV96B1 has a case measuring 44.97 millimeters in diameter. The case is 14.67 millimeters thick and the band is 22 millimeters wide. The clasp is buckle and the display is analog.

The case is stainless steel and the band is rubber. The dial is black and the bezel is stainless steel. The unit is resistant to shock and water resistance depth is good for up to 660 ft. The movement is Japanese quartz. The unit has an alarm clock and a water temperature monitor. Your dive logs can also be monitored.

Bottom Timer Specifications: Hollis DG01 and Aeris XR1

The Hollis DG01 has a maximum depth of 400 fsw (120 msw). The battery can be replaced. The alarms have an on/off feature and with LED. There is a backlight so it can be used even if the light is poor. There are a couple of mode operations: Nitrox dive computer and digital bottom timer.

The Aeris XR1 has water activation and an air operating mode included. The device also has variable rate indicator. The data presented may be edited and customized to suit your preferences. A single button press will let you make the changes. The included graphs are color coded for easy reference.

How to Choose a Watch or Bottom Timer

The bottom timer dimensions are important, but that is not the only factor to consider. Make sure the gadget is designed for the depth and water temperature you will be diving at. This is very important. Choosing the wrong timer may damage it or give wrong information.

You should also account for the diving gear you will be wearing. If you are new to diving, you can ask advice from professional divers. They can give you good recommendations on what brands to buy. Buy the best bottom timer you can afford; your safety depends on it.
Today’s bottom timer dimensions differ, and the units have a lot of features. Make sure you go over them thoroughly. This is the best way you can learn how to find the best gadget for your needs.

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