Snakeboard Size

A snakeboard is loosely based on three types of sports boards: skateboard, snowboard and surfboard. You use it much like a skateboard, meaning you ride on it on the streets.

A snakeboard size has various ranges so both kids and adults can get one that is suitable to their age and size.

Three of the widely popular snakeboard sizes are approximately 218 centimeters by 56 centimeters by 30 centimeters; 199 centimeters by 51 centimeters by 36 centimeters; and 196 centimeters by 56 centimeters by 30 centimeters.


The snakeboard is called as such because of the snaking motion it does when you ride it. The snaking motion is actually made possible by the pivoting footplates that snakeboards have.

The rider can manipulate the movement of the board by controlling the footplates in conjunction with the shift of body, from the hips to the shoulders. The shift in body weight applies pressure on the footplates according to how the rider wants to move the snakeboard.

Expert riders have been known to do several stunts on their snakeboards much like stunts on skateboards. With the snakeboard however, the rider no longer needs to keep pushing the board with his feet in order to get the right momentum.

Snakeboarding and Streetboarding

The snakeboard was first created in 1989 by James Fisher and Oliver McLeod. Snakeboard was actually the company name of the first manufacturers of the board and the company name simply caught on, giving the board its popular name today.

Over time, snakeboarding has become known as streetboarding. Riders find that doing stunts on snakeboards is actually easier as compared to skateboards.

Buying Snakeboards

If this is your first time to buy a snakeboard, you may want to consider getting it from an actual sporting goods shop. This will give you the opportunity to physically check the board prior to buying it. You can check the footplates as well as the crossbar to ensure that they are sturdy enough to hold you while you’re riding on it.

You can also try out the board for size to ensure that it will support your weight and that it is just the right size for your height.

On the other hand, if you are simply getting a second snakeboard, you should know that these boards are readily sold online. The sizes and the cost may vary depending on the manufacturer and the supplier.

There are many different designs that snakeboards come in. There are styles that have prints suitable for female riders and there are also designs that have that touch of tough look suitable for male riders.

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