Standard Size Office Desk

There is no single standard office desk size. The reason is there are several types that are used in the office. Some are designed for use with computers. There are also those for reception. Others have unique shapes.

U-Shaped Desk

This style is widely used in offices. The U shape provides plenty of space for documents, a laptop, files and other office equipment. Some of them measure 66 x 29 x 30 inches (W x D x H). Larger versions exist and they can have dimensions of 71.7 x 93.2 x 61.7 inches.

Other dimensions are also used, although the ones listed here are the most popular. Aside from paperwork, it can be used to hold telephones, printers and other equipment. That is why it is considered one of the standard office desk sizes.

Computer Desks

Some measure 24 x 30 x 30 inches (W x D x H). You can also find desks that measure 30 x 58 x 22 inches. Many of these are sold or can be paired with computer chairs.

Often, the chair’s height can be adjusted to fit the requirements of each individual. These desks can be used in other ways. Aside from laptops or desktops, you can put other stuff there as well. These can also be used like the U shaped desks.

L Shaped Desks

These are so-called because of their name. They can be used in the office, in home offices and in reception areas. In terms of functionality, it is a lot like the U shaped desk. Their dimensions vary.

Some of the ones you will come across will measure 30 x 29 x 20 (H x W x D), 60 x 29 x 30 (L x D x W) and many others. A few others will measure 59 x 59 x 30 (W x D x H).

Desks Used in Reception

These are found in offices and other establishments. This is where messages are left or sent. They also provide information about the company. Some measure 72 x 32 x 29. Other desks measure 42 x 71 x 30. You can also find some that measure 71 x 29 x 30 inches.

The fact that there is no standard office desk size means you can pick one that suits your style. Apart from the size, you may also want to consider the style. The material used for the furniture must also be taken into consideration.

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