Petronas Twin Tower Dimensions

Petronas Twin TowerPetronas Twin Tower Dimensions

Petronas Twin Tower has 88 storeys and its entire height is 452 meters above the level of the street. The total surface area of the land where the building stands is 3.7 million square feet or 341,760 square meters. The location of the famous skybridge of Petronas Twin Tower is at levels 41 and 42 and the whole length of the bridge is 58.4 meters. The skybridge is about 170 meters in height above the level of the street.

Each tower of the building has 29 double-deck high speed passenger lifts that serves as the vertical transportation for people going in and out of the structure. Each tower also has ten escalators aside from the vertical lifts present.

Petronas Twin Tower has used 65,000 square meters of stainless steel cladding in the construction. The vision glass being used is about 77,000 square meters. The volume of concrete used in the superstructures of the building totals to 160,000 cubic meters. The weight of steel used for the trusses, beams, and reinforcements is about 36,910 tonnes.

When it comes to the foundation of Petronas Twin Tower, the contractors use 4.5 meters or 15 feet thick raft that holds 13,200 cubic meters of reinforced concrete in grade 60. The foundation under each tower is estimated to weigh 32,550 tonnes and it is being supported by 104 barette piles with length ranging from 60 to 115 meters.

Petronas Twin Tower Description

The design of the floor-plate of the building is being based on geometric patterns that are very common in the Islamic heritage architecture. It is made up of two rotated and overlaid squares with small spherical infills. The architects of the building described these geometric patterns to be a symbol of harmony, unity, rationality, and stability. All of these virtues are significant in the principles of Islam belief.

Similar to the design inside the building, the design of the entrance to Petronas Twin Tower is also inspired by the great cultural heritage of the country of Malaysia. Designers have incorporated the contemporary Malaysian motifs that were modified through the traditional handicrafts made by the people like timber carvings and songket. Petronas Twin Tower has the complete personality of being high-tech and international but uniquely Malaysian.

The skybridge of Petronas Twin Tower is a significant functional element in the building that links the two towers in order to assist in the movement of people going from one tower to the other. This double-decked skybridge have joined the sky lobbies of each tower to one another at levels 41 and 42 of the building.

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