Biggest Diamond Piercing

There is no limit to the piercing size that an individual can put on. If the body jewelry standards are used though, the biggest diamond piercing size is 0ga (21mm; 13/16”).
Select the Right Gauge for the Ear 
If you want to get your ears pierced, you need to choose the right size. Whether you prefer a diamond or not, the size is all important. 
Picking the wrong gauge could lead to infection. With the right selection, it becomes possible to stretch the piercing. This will allow you to have room for other types of jewelry. These options include rings, hoops and other hole stretching devices. 
Materials Needed
You will need pure sea salt, some cotton balls, metal earrings, some insertion tapers and alcohol swabs. Antibacterial soap and petroleum jelly will also be needed. 
First of all, you should ask a professional to pick the right size. Choosing the biggest diamond piercing size isn’t necessarily the best option. It can be hard to choose the size yourself. 
If you pick the wrong one, the piercing may be overstretched. It helps if you know the different gauge sizes used. Keep in mind that bigger gauges will require smaller needles. Majority of new piercings are performed with 16 or 18 gauge needles. 
The insertion taper sizes differ. Most of them are between the ranges of 10 gauge to 0 gauge. The OO is used for the biggest tapers. 
Making the Proper Selection 
When making selections, it’s good practice to move up a size at a time. You have to utilize insertion tapers so the piercing can heal. Allow it to expand before you put on any type of jewelry. The healing time varies, but it should be ready in a week’s time. 
Safety Precautions 
Before trying any gauge size, wash your hands with soap. Do not handle the piercing with dirty hands. Be careful when putting the taper on. You could end up ripping the hole. Dirty fingernails will also lead to infection. 
Wash your ears and wipe using the swabs. Add petroleum jelly. If infection sets in, dip a cotton ball in sea salt and water and apply it. If it persists, consult your doctor. There are many types of diamonds, so you have several options. 
What it all comes down to is this: you don’t have to select the biggest diamond piercing size. Rather, you have to pick the one that is most suitable for your ear. 

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