Bottle Dimensions

Since man discovered its use, scores of bottle sizes and shapes have appeared. Bottle DimensionsThese have spread as the need for them arose. Today they are use for drinks, medicine, milk and shampoo among other things.

Champagne Bottle Dimensions

There are numerous champagne bottle types. The Piccolo is equal to a quarter bottle while the Demiboite is equal to half a bottle. The Standard is the same as a 750 ml bottle and the Magnum is the same as two bottles.

Other champagne bottles are the Jeroboam (equal to 4 bottles), the Rehoboam (6 bottles), the Methuselah (about 8 bottles) and the Salmanazar (12 bottles). The Balthazar is the same as 16 bottles while the Nebuchadnezzar is equal to 20 bottles. The Melchior bottle size is the same as 24 bottles and the Sovereign 33.33 bottles.

Wine Bottle Dimensions

Wine bottle designations are used interchangeably with champagne. However the wine bottle classification tends to be more diverse. It includes the Chopine which is about 0.250 liters; the Jennie is 0.5 liter and the Standard, 0.750 liter.

The Double Magnum is equal to 3.0 liters while the Franzia is the same as 5.0. The Rehoboam is equal to 4.5 liters. Mordechai is equivalent to 9.0 liters and the Solomon 20.0 l. Primat is equal to 27.0 liters.

Note: the Jennie bottle size is also called the 50 cl bottle. Another common size is the fifth (0.757 liters). This is equal to a fifth of a US gallon.

Beer and Other Bottle Dimensions

Most beverage and soft drink bottles are sold in ml or liters. Common bottle dimensions are 220 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml, 350 ml, 1 liter and up. In some countries soft drink bottles are sold in 380 ml, 400, 450 and other sizes. The same measurements are also used in beer bottles.

However, beer is also sold in kegs or barrels. These barrels have names that correspond to predefined amounts. Sometimes these are used rather than bottle sizes when determining beer quantities.

The Firkin is equal to 9 gallons of beer. The Kilderkin is equal to 18 gallons and the Barrel, 36 gallons. The Hogshead size refers to 54 gallons while the Butt to 108 gallons. The Tun is equal to 216 gallons.

Whiskey Bottle Dimensions

Whiskey bottles are sold in millimeters and liters. The smallest ones are the one shot types. Among the most common sizes are the 750 ml, the 1 liter (about a quart size), the 1.75 liter, the mini half pint and pint. The other sizes are 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 700 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter, 2 liters and 5 liters.

3 liters, 6 liters 12 and 15 liters are also available. While these are mostly applicable to whiskey, they are also used in other beverages. Although bottle shapes vary, the amount in the bottle is not affected.

The bottle sizes presented here are only a sampling of the types used. The measurements used for whiskey and wine are also used in shampoos, water, milk and other products.

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