How Long is a Rifle Scope?

The rifle scope size is one of the most significant elements hunters and sharpshooters look at. The typical lens size is 40 to 44 mm for the medium type scope. Some prefer bigger lenses in the 50 to 56 mm range. There are even some that measure 75 mm. But the bigger ones are considered rare.


The device is used for magnification. It is connected to the gun. It is used by the shooter to improve accuracy when aiming at the target. Most models use the same technology applied in binoculars to magnify objects. The lens marking is there to aid the shooter when they aim. The scopes today also have numerous controls so it can be used in varying wind conditions.

How Scopes Work

Although the rifle scope size varies, the magnification all work by bending light. They also stretch the images you see. The devices utilize several lenses of different sizes. Together, they bend light and get an image. This increases the size of the image so they are easier to see.


The typical scope is fitted with numerous features that help improve accuracy. For instance, a ring is included that can magnify or reduce the object’s size. The scope can also be lowered or raised depending on what the shooter wants. Horizontal adjustments are performed when wind speed starts to increase.


Versions of the scope have been around since the 1800s. They were designed for use by the military but eventually became popular among hunters. The early scopes are different from the ones used today. They fog up when the weather becomes damp.

As time passed by, technology improved. Their sizes increased and reliability improved. Many scopes now have extra features like night vision. The more advanced rifles have laser range finders. These provide more precise information on the distance and location of a target. This is essential when adjustments have to be made.


What has made scopes so popular is the way they simplify shooting. With metallic sights, the rear sight has to be aligned with the target and front sight. Whereas with the scope, you just have to line up the target and the reticle. The various rifle scope sizes also makes learning easier. The magnification feature makes aiming easier too.

The scope is also good for those with less than perfect eyesight. They can modify the ocular focus to get a clearer image. With metallic sights, it can be very frustrating.

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