How Big is a Crape Maker?

Crepes are popular around the world and are even food staples in a good number of homes worldwide. These can be taken during breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in-between meals.

A crepe is like a pancake only so much thinner and lighter.

While crepes are often served in restaurants and coffee shops, a lot of people also make their own versions of crepe at home and since these are relatively easy to make, you can whip up several batches of crepe with the right crepe maker.

How Big is a Crepe Maker?

Generally, the answer to “How big is a crepe maker?” is based on the diameter of the plate. The diameter is an important size consideration because this will determine the size of your crepes as well.

So if you want a rather large crepe, go with a crepe maker that has a larger diameter.

Sizes that can help you answer “How big is a crepe maker?” are the following:

– Cooking plate of 13.75 inches in diameter by three-eights inches thick; total dimensions of 17 inches in diameter by 6.25 inches in height

– Cooking plate of 12 inches in diameter; overall dimensions of 15.8 inches in diameter by 14 inches in width by 4.2 inches in height

– Cooking plate of 16 inches in diameter; overall dimensions of 9 inches in height by 22 inches in width by 22 inches in diameter

Crepe Maker with Handle

The above crepe makers are your standard models without handles. There is also a model that comes with a handle for easier manipulation.

For “How big is a crepe maker?” of this type, check the following specifications below:

– Cooking plate of 7.5 inches in diameter; overall dimensions of 15 inches in diameter by 10.2 inches in width by 3.8 inches in width

Mini Crepes

If you wish to make mini crepes, there is likewise a crepe maker that can help you make four mini crepes at a time.

How Big is a Crepe Maker of this Type?

You can find a model that is square-shaped and has four small cooking plates on its griddle. This measures approximately 14 inches in length by 14 inches in width by 4 and five-eighths inches in height.

The size of the crepes that you can make with this mini crepe maker is about 5.5 inches in diameter. This makes for the perfect snack size crepes for kids.

If you will be throwing a children’s part some time in the future, this will greatly help you in preparing crepes for the food table.

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