Draft Beer Keg Dimensions

Also called tap beer or draught beer, draft beer is usually dispensed from pressurized containers like a widget can or keg. This specific type of beer was invented by a locksmith named Joseph Bramah, which he patented sometime in 1785. During that time, it was taken straight from the cask before it was served to customers. The term ‘draught’ was derived from the Old English word ‘dragen,’ which means to carry. In addition to these interesting details, it is also good to find out the different draft beer keg dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Draft Beer Keg

Since draft beer is commonly served straight from a keg, there are many sizes available. In the United States, the standard keg size is called half barrel or half keg. It has a height of 23.3 inches, the diameter of which is somewhere between 16.1 inches and 17.16 inches. It can hold as much as 58.7 liters. When empty, expect it to weigh around 29.7 pounds or 13.5 kilograms. When full, its weight is close to 160.5 pounds or 72.8 kilograms. Using these measurements, the approximately weight of beer that can be placed inside this kind of keg is 130.8 pounds or 59.3 kilograms.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Besides the half barrel or half keg, draft beer may also come in other keg sizes. For instance, a mini-keg or bubba is a single use version, the capacity of which is 5 liters. Also called soda syrup and home brew, a corny keg’s capacity is approximately 18.9 liters. For the sixth barrel or torpedo keg, the standard capacity is 19.8 liters. In Europe, the half barrel can hold as much as 25 liters of draft beer. The standard European barrel is referred to as an import keg. It has a capacity of 50 liters. In addition, the capacity of a pony keg or quarter barrel is 29.3 liters.

In Germany, the 50-liter keg has a standard height of 23.62 inches. Meanwhile, the 30-liter keg’s height is commonly 15.75 inches. In addition, the 20-liter keg usually stands 12.20 inches high. In Europe, the most common keg size is 50 liters, which has a height of 20.94 inches and a diameter of 16.06 inches. The 30-liter keg stands 14.37 inches high, with a diameter the same as the 50-liter keg. The 25-liter keg commonly measures 12.87 inches high, the diameter of which is smaller at 15.55 inches. For the 20-liter keg, the standard height is 8.50 inches with a diameter of the same as the 25-liter keg.

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